Pocket Operator Stories

The packaging on low number model pocket operators includes a short "story" to personify the device.

PO-12 Rhythm control the young engineer to operate the rhythm machine.
PO-14 Sub life as a submarine engineer can some times be lonely. making low frequency bass lines is the only way to stay sane.
PO-16 Factory a cargo of exotic birds arrive at the harbor. control the team of engineers at the factory to harvest harmonies from the birds before they escape.
PO-18 Robot a workplace romance involving two robots on the PO assembly line resulted in a management dilemma. luckily, the QC team found evidence that love was somehow absorbed into the product.
PO-20 Arcade it's 1982 and a brand new magic video game cabinet has arrived at the local amusement arcade. somehow the machine is stuck in sound debug mode?
PO-24 Office the office is full of equipment that makes interesting mechanical sounds. control the young assistant engineer to sample as much noise as possible before the finance team is back from the fancy lunch.
PO-32 Tonic once upon a time there was an old bar filled with grown ups. one day a 2000 year old man came and ordered a small bottle of tonic. the next day, to everyones surprise, he had turned into a neat drummer.
PO-33 KO! pang! and the 99 year old boxer passed out. but a minute later he was on his legs again and punched back. the powerful punch missed the opponent and instead hit him right in his own face. ouch! he screamed so loud that the opponent couldn't stand it. the game went on for another 2000 rounds when the opponent finally won on knock-out. luckily, the 99 year old boxer have turned 101 and won the finest trophy of them all! - *the silver fox trophy* for elderly boxers.
PO-35 Speak at only 3 months old, little cute tony has learned to speak. his mother sophie is proud of her sons early development. stepdad micke records the moment on his tape recording machine, tony's first word is pudding.