Not news or a blog, but a page to put random stuff I made or own, usually things that don't fit into larger projects.

🔗 my po-33 ko! with case

Teenage Engineering PO-33 Handbook

The Pocket Operator PO-33 KO! sampler is one of the most amazing instruments I've ever owned, but the official documentation is, in my opinion, weak. I decided to make a better guide because that's the kind of person I am. It took days of research to discover many seemingly hidden features. I love this device! However, one thing that bothers me is I've never been able to get the backup/restore function to work properly. Some information always goes missing.

🔗 a sound gizmo

Sound Gizmo

It's one of my most valuable artifacts of an earlier age of sound. I circuit bent one and now I have a page dedicated to this awesome vintage toy:

The Sound Gizmo Page
🔗 alesis palmtrack photo alesis palmtrack drawing

Alesis Palmtrack Microphone Orientation

The Alesis Palmtrack is garbage, really. It has one of the worst A/D converters I've ever heard. I mostly use it with an external stereo microphone because the internal ones are also garbage. Speaking of, on the rare occasion I want to record with them I can never remember what their orientation is. There are four capsules. Two face the front of the device for directional recording and two face the rear for omni mode (active when you choose "4 mics" in the menu). Above is a picture of the device from the rear and a drawing showing which mic is which.

🔗 screenshot of tron game

TRON Lightcycle Arena Texture

I made a texture mod for the TRON Lightcycle game Armagetron Advanced. The games's default textures steer clear of anything that could be considered a copyright violation. Over the years many mod makers have tried to recreate the arena walls but all have fallen a little short. One guy seemed to nail it, but never released the files. I gave it a shot and I think I did a great job. The image above shows the arena texture in action. People have asked for my source files, and below I've linked to an SVG of the wall texture. It's wide! Right-click the link below if you can't see it in your browser.

TRON Wall Texture (SVG)
🔗 yamaha rx15 drum machine

Yamaha RX15 Drum Machine Samples

Have I mentioned how much I love old drum machines? I imagine most producers think the Yamaha RX15 sounds flat and lifeless, but matched with the right synth it's a beast! I've used it in a live gig and it was great. These samples were not easily available when I first posted these on my site years ago and since then I've seen them circulated quite a bit.

RX15 Samples (ZIP)
🔗 yamaha dx27 keyboard

Yamaha DX27 Voice Programming Guide

I had a DX27 in my possession for a short time. It came with a cassette tape, which had instructions on how to program the synthesizer. It wasn't very useful, but since I was digitizing cassettes at the time I decided to capture this one too.

DX27 Programming Guide Cassette.mp3
🔗 wallpaper thumbnail wallpaper thumbnail

Wallpaper: "Noisedrop"

Like noise? I do. I made some background wallpaper in "cool" and "warm" variations (1680 x 1050). They are nice. Click the tumbnails above for full size versions (PNG).

🔗 vst logo icon LXDE start menu icon

SVG Icons

Sometimes I need an icon for something so I made one. The images above are SVG and you should be able to right-click and "save as". Left: VST Logo. Right: alternative LXDE start menu

🔗 penguin in a lab coat

Random Clip

I needed a penguin in a lab coat for a project. Maybe you do too? The image above is a SVG and you should be able to right-click and "save as".

🔗 audio editor screenshot

Wavosaur Theme

Wavosaur is one of my favorite audio editors. At one time I was doing a lot of work in Adobe Audition (which I don't like at all) and switching between the two was aggravating, so I changed the layout of Wavosaur and skinned it to look like Audition. It helped a little. Skin below if you want it.

Download Skin (ZIP)
🔗 image


This is an old experiment in the genre "websites-as-art." I made it while learing about HTML5 Canvas API. The page makes some noises and has a simple animation. It's ambient and relaxing, and I play it in the background when I don't want to listen to music.

Listen & Relax
🔗 image


I took a buch of broken guitar pedals and put them in a project box in order to salvage some of their functionality. The "sleepwave" is kind of a circuit bent effects processor. I used it on a couple recordings and it eventually died because I don't know enough about electronics to keep it working. Pretty fun project though.

Old Web Design Ahead!