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Violent Youth Assembly

VYA was a Chicago/Elgin area punk band for the better part of 1993 and 1994. They recorded a 4-song demo then later an 8-song EP in the midst of a lineup change before finally disbanding a few months after. This archive attempts to collect as many artifacts as possible from that time.

The Band

VYA in front of an old brick building

Founding Members:

  • Tim Bocain - Rhythm Guitar
  • Dave Meller - Lead Guitar
  • Curt Harrison - Vocals
  • Mark Marshall - Drums
  • Martin "Knuckles" Shabadoo - Bass

Just before recording the 8-song EP Martin left the band to pursue other interests, mostly fishing. Brian Hilmers filled in on bass. Kurt and Tim left sometime after recording. Brian took over vocals and Gordon Shabadoo joined the band to play rhythm guitar.

R.I.P. Tim Bocain (2014), we miss you man.

The Music

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Who Cares LP

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Violent Youth Assembly EP

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Shurgard Sessions

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The Times