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House iconDJ Vision

Mixes of House and Techno Music I wrote. My mixes of other people's music are here.

Originals (1995-2002)

MicroMix 1 (w/ dbx remix)

MicroMix 2

Dismemberment Plan Remixes

Back in 2002, The Dismemberment Plan had a contest where they allowed fans to download parts of selected songs, remix them, and submit them back to the band. The best ones would be released as "A People's History of The Dismemberment Plan" on DeSoto Records. I had some extra time so I produced five different remixes, all of them in the electronic music genre. It wasn't what the band was looking for, but they are all pretty good so I decided to share them.

The remixes were done using Reason by Propellerhead Software. If you are a producer like myself and you own a copy of Reason 2.5 or higher you check out the RNS files (except for "What Do You Want Me To Say" which, to my great disappointment, went corrupt along with the backup). The mp3's are encoded at 192 kbps.

Album artwork
Song Title MP3 Reason
A Life Of Possibilities 8.1mb 2.5mb
The City 6.2mb 1.2mb
The Jitters 5.7mb 5.0mb
The Other Side 10.8mb 1.5mb
What Do You Want Me To Say? 5.9mb Sorry!

The Senators

Punk/Hardcore project. An EP named "Breakfast" was recorded in 1994.

Album artwork