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I collect titles. Here are a few from my collection: Programmer, Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor, Animator, Photographer, Inventor, and Circuit Bender.

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NEWS: 28 Nov 2019

December is almost here. I finished almost exactly half of the projects I planned for in 2019. I actually think this year turned out better than expected because I've laid the groundwork to finish everything next year. It was a learning experience. I have to accept that going forward a lot of the things I do are new to me and that I can't expect projects to go smoothly. Next year I'll finish what I started at a deliberately slower pace and try to enjoy the process more because I feel like I'm rushing and not doing my best work. Also, I'm really slow to update this site. I have quite a bit of content to post. Hopefully I'll be caught up by spring.

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Goals for 2019: I wrote something nice here a few weeks ago and accidentally deleted it. Basically, it said "I don't like giving up." There are several big projects I've started in the last decade that I never finished. Last year I realized that I can complete them, and I can be satisfied with the way they turn out, even if the final result isn't what I originally envisioned. As long as the basic meaning comes across, that's what matters most. I've already finished one and started two more. I want to get four of them done this year. After that, there are even bigger ones to tackle that I already know will take years to finish. Wish me luck.

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