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I am a Webmaster, Sysadmin, Artist, Musician, and doer of many things including writing, building stuff, and tinkering with electronics. Here are some of my projects:

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NEWS: 09 Mar 2019

Huge update: First, the boring stuff. I had to rewrite big chunks of my website because it's become rather large and unwieldy. Welcome to version 5.2! Most of the changes were architectural, not visual, so you shouldn't notice a difference if you've been here before. Second, I've added a new project! This one has been in the works on-and-off for a few years and I am very, very happy to see it in a presentable state. I want to keep developing it, but realistically it will be at least one year before I have time, if I have the motivation, which is unlikely because I have so many other projects I want to work on. Speaking of projects, I'm working on two big ones right now and hope to have them posted in several months.

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Goals for 2019: I wrote something nice here a few weeks ago and accidentally deleted it. Basically, it said "I don't like giving up." There are several big projects I've started in the last decade that I never finished. Last year I realized that I can complete them, and I can be satisfied with the way they turn out, even if the final result isn't what I originally envisioned. As long as the basic meaning comes across, that's what matters most. I've already finished one and started two more. I want to get four of them done this year. After that, there are even bigger ones to tackle that I already know will take years to finish. Wish me luck.

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