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I am a Webmaster, Sysadmin, Artist, Musician, and doer of many things including writing, building stuff, and tinkering with electronics. Here are some of my projects:

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NEWS: 29 Jul 2018

I have written way more music this year than anticipated. It's been fun but also frustrating because I feel like I am neglecting my career and education. Then again, you have to embrace inspiration when it strikes, and it's hit me harder than it has in years. I still plan on working on my web app concept, but I have one more music project I want to work on. It's something I've had on my mind for six years. The music is supposed to be collaborative and I was originally going to simply write out my idea so I could recruit others, but as I wrote, I conceived of a variation I can do by myself. I'll know by fall if it will work. Hopefully after that I'll get back to the thousand other non-music projects on my list.

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Goals for 2018: Unlike previous years where I take on too many projects, this year I'm focusing all my effort on a single web application. It was originally going to be an Android app, but I started to doubt Android was the right platform for this tool. I've already got some of the code sketched out in my development environment (Debian flavored LAMP stack) and if all goes well I will launch the site before Autumn.

Other goals include getting back in shape, doing more music and art, and spending time with the loved ones I've been neglecting because I'm a workaholic.

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