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I collect titles. Here are a few from my collection: Programmer, Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor, Animator, Photographer, Inventor, and Circuit Bender.

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NEWS: 16 May 2021

I made a techno mix using 5 pocket operators. For some reason I decided to put it on SoundCloud in addition to my miscellaneous music page. It's not that great, but the project was a personal challenge to see if I could pull it off. I might build it into a 4-song EP.

My current queue of projects involves some Internet community stuff mostly related to Retrocycles.net, so no more updates for a while. Also, I'm trying to get motivated to redesign this site. Nothing major, mostly just code changes to make it easier to update and a more minimal design for some pages (especially this one). Also, I'm thinking of consolidating all my project domains (including this one) under a single unified URL. Name to be determined.

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Normally in this space I post a bunch of goals for the year. The world is pretty crazy right now and I'm just taking everything day by day for a while. I'm hoping to finish things I started in 2020, but it's OK if I don't.

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