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I collect titles. Here are a few from my collection: Programmer, Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor, Animator, Photographer, Inventor, and Circuit Bender.

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NEWS: 04 Jan 2020

Two projects added! I finished "Insectitron" last spring but never got around to posting it because I immediately started working on other projects. One of those is "Triton" which I began in 2012 then shelved because I wasn't happy with my writing. I'm really happy to see that one finished. I have mixed feelings about the result, but it was a great learning experience. Insectitron is a prototype for a project idea I came up with in 2011 and hope to finish in 2021.

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Goals for 2020: First, finish this huge animation project I'm working on. It should be done by spring. It looks great already, can't wait to release it. Second, get serious about 3D modeling and maybe buy a printer. (Update 26-Jan: Prusa printer ordered, shoud be here in several weeks.) Finally, finish that comic book I wrote in 2006. Trying to not plan as much this year because I need more personal time.

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