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I collect titles. Here are a few from my collection: Programmer, Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor, Animator, Photographer, Inventor, and Circuit Bender.

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NEWS: 16 Sep 2019

This year is flying by and I am not on track to finish my goals. That's Ok. A lot has happened recently (nothing terrible). The things keeping me from my projects are supplementing my income so I'm currently indifferent, but that could change quickly. Although, I am feeling a little frustration with my personal and professional life and need to "clean house", literally and figuratively. Don't we all need to do this once in a while?

There is one project I've finished that needs to be added to the site, but I've been stalling because it's hard to categorize. Lately my works, which have been discrete until this point, are starting to bleed together. Am I just rehashing old ideas? Has my imagination gone stale? Or, do I now have enough material to mix it together in infinite ways? Haha, I'm very philosophical right now...

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Goals for 2019: I wrote something nice here a few weeks ago and accidentally deleted it. Basically, it said "I don't like giving up." There are several big projects I've started in the last decade that I never finished. Last year I realized that I can complete them, and I can be satisfied with the way they turn out, even if the final result isn't what I originally envisioned. As long as the basic meaning comes across, that's what matters most. I've already finished one and started two more. I want to get four of them done this year. After that, there are even bigger ones to tackle that I already know will take years to finish. Wish me luck.

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