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I make a living doing art, music, writing, and web development. I have a lot of hobbies and this is where I share some of my projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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NEWS: 09 Sep 2022

Added some new drum machine samples to the miscellaneous page. This could be my last update before The Great Reformatting. I've started to change my relationship with the World Wide Web a bit; I'm consolidating some web projects, handing off others, and abandoning a few. This should make my life easier! Not entirely sure how the new website is going to work, but it'll be mostly archival in nature. And probably have a minimal design aesthetic.

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This space is going away as I redesign the site. I'm "cleaning house" so to speak, and handing off several of my web projects while I concentrate on a single archive for all my contributions to the World Wide Web.

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