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I am a Webmaster and Sysadmin with experience arching across the entire Web Development process from content creation to managing the hardware delivering it. As a designer and a computer nerd in the 90s I took an immediate interest in the Web and built pages to showcase my art, music, and other random projects. That interest never faded. Speaking of projects, here are a few:

About Me

My Web Development environment of choice is Ubuntu with Apache/MySQL/PHP. I am perfectly comfortable on Windows and have even done a little work in ASP.NET on IIS. There is a special place in my heart for Python and one day I hope to fall in love with Java and Android SDK. The ever-changing world of Javascript is challenging to navigate, but I spend a fair amount of my time studying trends on-line and in the classroom.

Valid HTML is super sexy. So is well documented, readable code. So is a redundant network of clustered servers and storage arrays configured for high availability and hooked into backup power. My Sysadmin side gets a little too excited when I see a well planned and executed network topology.

I've done a pretty good job of making a living doing what I love. I just wish I didn't love so many things! More about me...

a picture of me

In the near future I plan on continuing my education in both computer science, networking, and security. I am determined to do too much. It is not enough for me to make a website, I enjoy managing hardware as well. I have Enterprise level system administration experience. Lately I am increasingly interested in security, which is a topic that spans from your fingertips all the way to Cat-6 cables in a distant data center.

Finally, I am an artist, musician, and hacker. I was a professional graphic designer for many years but felt a transition to web development would open up new and better opportunities. It has, and I am thankful. There is no limit to my interests, only a limit on time available to master new skills.

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