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I am a Webmaster, Sysadmin, Artist, Musician, and doer of many things including writing, building stuff, and tinkering with electronics. Here are some of my projects:

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NEWS: 30 Dec 2017

Welcome to version 5.1 of brianhilmers.com! There have been a couple small changes. The first is this "news" section I carried over from version 4 of the site. The second change is another carry over from version 4, a place for miscellaneous content. It's stuff that isn't easily categorized but I feel should be available to the public. I used to keep these things in a WordPress blog, but it was much too heavy for my purposes and always looked disjointed from my site no matter how much I tweaked the theme. And finally, I moved my videos to Vimeo's platform because of irregular bandwidth in the data center where this server is hosted, which resulted in occasional choppy playback.

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Goals for 2018: Unlike previous years where I take on too many projects, this year I'm focusing all my effort on a single web application. It was originally going to be an Android app, but I started to doubt Android was the right platform for this tool. I've already got some of the code sketched out in my development environment (Debian flavored LAMP stack) and if all goes well I will launch the site before Autumn.

Other goals include getting back in shape, doing more music and art, and spending time with the loved ones I've been neglecting because I'm a workaholic.

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