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This is an archive of things I do; generally art, music, video, design, coding, and tinkering. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you leave inspired!

News: 06 Jan 2024

Lots of small updates: Firstly, there is a new tool in the Music ToolKit Utility. I added a way to determine the tempo of a drum loop based on its length in seconds. This is a really easy calculation but I added it per user request. Secondly, I fixed some old code on one of my music pages (ALERT), and by fix I mean remove because I didn't want to take a lot of time on something unnecessary and outdated. Also, a link to the music file would break stuff because it wasn't alphanumeric, so I changed that. Thirdly, speaking of music, on the miscellaneous music page I added a link to a new multimedia project of mine named Wandering Genie. It's an external site hosted a neocities.org (cool place!) and the design is a bit more adventurous than this site, so check it out!

old news


The GEAR section contains a few things I use to create music and includes drum machine samples, info related to pocket operators by teenage engineering, and manuals for lots of the things I own or have owned.

I made an ANSI color scheme for PuTTY. Very practical.

Do you remember the media player Winamp? I made a skin for it two decades ago (and still use it!).


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