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I collect titles. Here are a few from my collection: Programmer, Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor, Animator, Photographer, Inventor, and Circuit Bender.

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NEWS: 23 Mar 2021

Last update was only three weeks ago but here is another. My "miscellaneous" page had a link to pictures of a vintage toy synth I own called a Sound Gizmo. Well, I just finished circuit bending one and it turned out great, so I dedicated a page to this cool piece of lo-fi analog goodness. Also. getting ready to launch a new site for a domain I bought. Just need to finish the last bit of content. Should be live in a couple weeks.

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Normally in this space I post a bunch of goals for the year. The world is pretty crazy right now and I'm just taking everything day by day for a while. I'm hoping to finish things I started in 2020, but it's OK if I don't.

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