Added a video from a couple years ago that I didn't upload until today. I also added a page with relics of a hardcore band I was in for a couple months. The archive is incomplete and should eventually be hosted on another domain, but the content was already on my server so I decided to make it public for now.


There are a couple "exotic" scales I like playing on guitar so I decided to add them as options in my wind chimes simulation. They sound great. Today I realized I could use that page as a tool for songwriting by copying the randomly generated melodies and progressions.

This site gets quite a few updates a year and I've long thought about tracking them for various reasons, so I made a news page to collect these blurbs, although I might eventually kill that page if it has a negative effect on the site. I don't have a metric to decide what negative is, it will exist at the mercy of my whims.


Added a new drum machine to the gear page, the Yamaha RY9. Also, this update is a test of my new dev environment. Have a good day!