DJ Vision comes out of retirement to release a vintage speed garage mix. It's something no one asked for. I returned some slowwavesleep content I previously removed, just some demo videos. They are on the new "extras" page.


Added external links to the Music ToolKit page. These sites inspired or somehow helped me create my own tool page. Also, new remix of a song I wrote almost 20 years ago because why not? It was kind neat to turn something that was originally in 3/4 to 4/4. I wasn't terribly happy with it so I'll probably take it down sooner than later. Finally, I added new drum machine samples to the gear page (Stylophone Beat).


New project: Heavy Armor, an idea for a turn-based strategy game I had a few years ago. Since the chances of my playing this with others is so low it will likely never escape the prototype stage, but even as a prototype I had fun playing by myself. Needs more playtesting though.


Huge update and a bunch of small ones. The small stuff consists of linking and merging some video to this site that was only on other platforms, something I been lazy about doing. But the big news is the completion of project "Insectitron", which is the final realization of an idea I had in 2011. Yeah, it took forever to get serious about it but I'm super happy with the end result!


New song added to the music page: "Try Again Dub". It started as a remix of a friend's song then turned into something completely different. I've been working on a huge project over the last few months and it will likely take a couple more weeks to finish. This is probably version 2 of my "Insectitron" project. I had a different name in mind before starting but reusing this name makes more sense since it's nearly identical.


Lots of small updates: Firstly, there is a new tool in the Music ToolKit Utility. I added a way to determine the tempo of a drum loop based on its length in seconds. This is a really easy calculation but I added it per user request. Secondly, I fixed some old code on one of my music pages (ALERT), and by fix I mean remove because I didn't want to take a lot of time on something unnecessary and outdated. Also, a link to the music file would break stuff because it wasn't alphanumeric, so I changed that. Thirdly, speaking of music, on the miscellaneous music page I added a link to a new multimedia project of mine named Wandering Genie. It's an external site hosted a (cool place!) and the design is a bit more adventurous than this site, so check it out!


Unexpected new project added to the front page: DIY Synth Enclosure. Years ago I bought a simple electronics kit that sat assembled but unused in a drawer, so the other day I decided to design a fancy box to put it in. Now it's like a legit instrument.


Added some old wallpaper to the Drawings & More page because it's still good and useful. I think before the end of next year I'll have a new section with art that fall under the category of "3D", either sculptures I made, things I designed and 3D printed, or just 3D art in general. Working on something now that I'll probably want to share here and requires a new section, probably.


Got frustrated with VLC Media PLayer not having a GNOME compatible dark mode, switched to Audacious because it does, got a little frustrated with GUI weirdness, remembered Audacious supports Winamp skins, then remembered the skin I made in 2003. And that skin is what I added in this latest site update (link at bottom).


Uploaded the album art for "Monster Town" by Toxic Rocket. It was really fun to make. Also pushed a bugfix in my Music Toolkit, which was incorrectly displaying song times under 10 seconds. And I just now realized the picture of me above is over a year old. I should post a new one!


I hate naming things, especially abstract stuff like color schemes. That said, in the miscellaneous section below I added a link to a theme I made for the terminal emulator PuTTY. Made my job much more enjoyable when I had to use that tool every day. And while I'm sharing colors, I added the palettes used on my Triton project. The larger of the two I've used several times since, naturally since I like those colors.


More music. Wasn't planing on writing anything but decided to rework a sketch of something I made a year or two ago, a piece I named "Eighty-One". It wasn't even really a song, just some parts I smashed together. Last week I decided that this one song needed to be two separate songs and now they are named Eighty-Two and Eighty-Three (dub and techno, respectively). Still not great but more interesting than the original.


Three days ago I added some music, then realized there was some content I never added to the Adventures of TRON page: some 3D printed cycles and a music video I made last year. The video was super challenging, all the music was made with basically a single audio sample, and the video was filmed in-game and required fully re-texturing everything and creating many custom cameras. Then today I finished artwork for a friend that riffs on Magritte's "The Son of Man". Turned out better than expected so added it to the art page.


Been spending too much time building and fixing guitars so there isn't much new content. However, I did add some mellow grooves to the music page (Jeanie, Air) and some pretty bad experimental tracks that should really just stay on my hard drive and not be posted, heh.


Added a video from a couple years ago that I didn't upload until today. I also added a page with relics of a hardcore band I was in for a couple months. The archive is incomplete and should eventually be hosted on another domain, but the content was already on my server so I decided to make it public for now.


There are a couple "exotic" scales I like playing on guitar so I decided to add them as options in my wind chimes simulation. They sound great. Today I realized I could use that page as a tool for songwriting by copying the randomly generated melodies and progressions.

This site gets quite a few updates a year and I've long thought about tracking them for various reasons, so I made a news page to collect these blurbs, although I might eventually kill that page if it has a negative effect on the site. I don't have a metric to decide what negative is, it will exist at the mercy of my whims.


Added a new drum machine to the gear page, the Yamaha RY9. Also, this update is a test of my new dev environment. Have a good day!