I hate naming things, especially abstract stuff like color schemes. That said, in the miscellaneous section below I added a link to a theme I made for the terminal emulator PuTTY. Made my job much more enjoyable when I had to use that tool every day. And while I'm sharing colors, I added the palettes used on my Triton project. The larger of the two I've used several times since, naturally since I like those colors.


More music. Wasn't planing on writing anything but decided to rework a sketch of something I made a year or two ago, a piece I named "Eighty-One". It wasn't even really a song, just some parts I smashed together. Last week I decided that this one song needed to be two separate songs and now they are named Eighty-Two and Eighty-Three (dub and techno, respectively). Still not great but more interesting than the original.


Three days ago I added some music, then realized there was some content I never added to the Adventures of TRON page: some 3D printed cycles and a music video I made last year. The video was super challenging, all the music was made with basically a single audio sample, and the video was filmed in-game and required fully re-texturing everything and creating many custom cameras. Then today I finished artwork for a friend that riffs on Magritte's "The Son of Man". Turned out better than expected so added it to the art page.


Been spending too much time building and fixing guitars so there isn't much new content. However, I did add some mellow grooves to the music page (Jeanie, Air) and some pretty bad experimental tracks that should really just stay on my hard drive and not be posted, heh.


Added a video from a couple years ago that I didn't upload until today. I also added a page with relics of a hardcore band I was in for a couple months. The archive is incomplete and should eventually be hosted on another domain, but the content was already on my server so I decided to make it public for now.


There are a couple "exotic" scales I like playing on guitar so I decided to add them as options in my wind chimes simulation. They sound great. Today I realized I could use that page as a tool for songwriting by copying the randomly generated melodies and progressions.

This site gets quite a few updates a year and I've long thought about tracking them for various reasons, so I made a news page to collect these blurbs, although I might eventually kill that page if it has a negative effect on the site. I don't have a metric to decide what negative is, it will exist at the mercy of my whims.


Added a new drum machine to the gear page, the Yamaha RY9. Also, this update is a test of my new dev environment. Have a good day!