PuTTY Theme

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At one time I had a job that required managing servers remotely from a Windows device and PuTTY was the tool of choice. PuTTY's default colors are awful (just like every other terminal's default color scheme) and I especially have trouble with darker blues because of slight color-blindness, so I decided to make a theme that was easier on the eye with some nice, even hues. I'm super satisfied with my hand-picked colors. It's also pretty solid for other design work, so I've included a .GPL version of the "moonbase" palette for use in any graphics tool that supports that file format.

type description
.TXT Text (rgb and hex values)
.REG Windows registry file
.GPL Gimp color palette
svg color palette
187,187,187  Default Foreground
255,255,255  Default Bold Foreground
 21, 17, 17  Default Background
 85, 85, 85  Default Bold Background
  0,  0,  0  Cursor Text
241, 77,218  Cursor Colour
  0,  0,  0  ANSI Black
 70, 70, 70  ANSI Black Bold
207, 55, 55  ANSI Red
236, 82, 82  ANSI Red Bold
120,201, 78  ANSI Green
159,229,120  ANSI Green Bold
188,188,112  ANSI Yellow
229,229,138  ANSI Yellow Bold
 76,113,169  ANSI Blue
 92,144,220  ANSI Blue Bold
142,109,192  ANSI Magenta
170,133,228  ANSI Magenta Bold
 67,186,179  ANSI Cyan
123,221,215  ANSI Cyan Bold
215,215,215  ANSI White
255,255,255  ANSI White Bold

While writing this page I found some great resources for PuTTY colors. There is a giant repository on GitHub with around 50 themes originally from a Russian site, and a developer from Poland wrote a theme generator called the 4bit Terminal Color Scheme Designer. It's a cool tool to get you started but I think colors should always be tweaked by hand based on perception.