Music Toolkit

This is the web version of a utility I originally wrote in Python.

Tap Tempo

Tap a few times for bpm display. Wait a couple seconds between taps to reset.

Taps: 0 | Last tap: 000.0

ms & Hz Calculator

Choose a note resolution to find it's value in milliseconds and Hertz based on the tempo.

ms Hz
Dotted 750.0 1.333
Normal 500.0 2.000
Triplet 333.0 3.003

Song Time

Enter a time signature, number of measures, and tempo to find the length of a song.

Time Signature:



Note to Frequency

Use the sliders to choose a note and see it's frequency and MIDI number.

Frequency: 440.00 Hz

MIDI: 69

Sound Generator

Play a frequency from the slider or Note to Frequency conversion pane.

Top Frequency


This tool is written incorrectly and does not keep time well. No rewrite planned.


More info Arbitrary range from 40 to 220 BPM. The tempo markings come from a Nikko 200 Series metronome and the tick sound is a Casio SK-1 clave.

Time to Tempo

Find the tempo of a loop from the number of seconds and beats. Formula: 60/(seconds/beats)




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