Winamp Skin

winamp skin preview


Like millions of other people in 2003, I used Winamp to play my ever growing mp3 collection. I remember not liking version 3 but also wanted a different look for version 2. Even though there were countless skins available none of them were quite what I was looking for so I decided to give UI skinning a try. It wasn't too hard! I wanted a minimal look but not excessively minimal like some of the flat designs of the time, but also didn't want to embrace skeuomorphism either. Rather I just kept close to basic Windows widgets but softer and more muted (though looking back it does have a little tinge of neumorphism years before that was a thing). It's not a great design, but I love the color so much. I never get tired of looking at it! Blue and Gray schemes always look so good it feels like cheating. The color is similar to "Cool-Gray Khaki" on Subaru Crosstrek models after 2018 — another color I never get tired of seeing.

I made this skin in 2003. Seven years later in 2010 I switched to Ubuntu Linux which couldn't run Winamp natively. However, the Linux based audio player Audacious supported Winamp skins so I was able to continue enjoying my skin. And, at the time of this writing, 20 years after making it, I am still using this skin. Incredible!