Adventures of TRON


This page is dedicated to the game Armagetron Advanced and serves as a repository of resources developed by player sinewav (me). ArmagetronAd is the uncontested leader of multi-player lightcycle racing games with many thousands of users worldwide during the height of its popularity (servers are still active daily more than 23 years after the game's release). Adventures of TRON is a brand of experimental servers, mods, tournament tools, art, music (below). My additional contributions are on the official Armagetron wiki.

In 2021 I helped rebrand ArmagetronAd to RETROCYCLES for the launch on Steam. In addition, I created an entirely new website dedicated to getting inexperienced players up and running with the game.

Project Archive


An assortment of stickers, t-shirts, and other items with Armagetron branding (External site). Contact sinewav on Discord or the official forums for custom designs.


Music inspired by and written for Armagetron. A re-edit of one track is featured in the promotional video above.

Music Video

I wrote a song using only the engine and explosion sound from the game, then created custom textures and cameras to shoot an in-game video.

3D Cycle

3D-printed, hand painted Armagetron Cycles. (Source files available)


A proposed scheme for the 0.4 release, created before then remixed after my Argon mod.

Badge Creator

Tournament Win forum badges were a thing for a while thanks to this tool. (v1 had some slightly different badges.)

Ladle Tools

Historical archive. These tools were used between 2010 and 2016 before the tournament's restructuring.

Arma T-Shirt

Historical archive. Limited edition glow-in-the-dark design (Sold Out). Art reused for merch above.


Lightcycle racing re-imagined as a turn-based strategy game. More fun than expected!

Arena Texture

screenshot of tron game

ArmagetronAd's default textures steer clear of anything that could be considered a copyright violation. Over the years many mod makers have tried to recreate the arena walls but all have fallen a little short. One guy seemed to nail it, but never released the files. I gave it a shot and I think I did a great job. The image above shows the arena texture in action. People have asked for my source files, and below I've linked to an SVG of the wall texture. It's wide! Right-click the link below if you can't see it in your browser.

TRON Wall Texture (SVG)

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